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  Crissy Airfield House by dwilgus904
Dwell design competition entry
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This is long overdue but I still want to thank Dwell / Trimble Google Sketchup for this competition. Enjoyed all the entries. And for the winner Drew Wilgus, congrats and you deserve it. I made a multimedia file of the model and made it navigatable using the arrow keys. Run on Windows only and it needs Adobe Shockwave plug-in. enjoy! http://sketchuptodirector.coffeecup.com/dwell.dcr 26-Oct-2013
Beautiful! 22-Dec-2012
-- 09-Sep-2012
-- 15-Apr-2012
SketchUp para todos..!
-- 22-Sep-2011
-- 06-Sep-2010
anonymous -- Wonderful Model Check out the renders I did ... http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/9623/airstriphouse.jpg 03-Apr-2010
-- 26-Jan-2010
Sketchmaster Tóth
-- 08-Dec-2009
very interesting model 21-Jun-2009
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