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  Crissy Airfield House by dwilgus904
Dwell design competition entry
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very interesting model Jun 21, 2009
Metalic Matt
-- Oct 29, 2008
-- Nov 10, 2008
Sketchmaster Tóth
-- Dec 8, 2009
Congratulations. Sep 22, 2008
Nice work - I like the simplicity of the form and the structural expression in the steel framing members. The presentation images (on the dwell site) were execelent - attractive and informative... They really pushed beyond what I've come to expect from 'native' Sketchup renderings. Congratulations on your well deserved win! Sep 10, 2008
Good Work!! Sep 4, 2008
This is long overdue but I still want to thank Dwell / Trimble Google Sketchup for this competition. Enjoyed all the entries. And for the winner Drew Wilgus, congrats and you deserve it. I made a multimedia file of the model and made it navigatable using the arrow keys. Run on Windows only and it needs Adobe Shockwave plug-in. enjoy! http://sketchuptodirector.coffeecup.com/dwell.dcr Oct 26, 2013
-- Sep 25, 2008
-- Apr 15, 2012
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