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  Crissy Airfield House by dwilgus904
Dwell design competition entry
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-- Aug 31, 2008
Good Work!! Sep 4, 2008
The Best! Sep 10, 2008
Fantastic Concept! I love the approach to minimal site impact. I give it 6 stars! Sep 10, 2008
Congratulations on your win! Nice job. Wish the uploaded model had the same detail as the slideshow on dwell.com! Sep 10, 2008
Nice work - I like the simplicity of the form and the structural expression in the steel framing members. The presentation images (on the dwell site) were execelent - attractive and informative... They really pushed beyond what I've come to expect from 'native' Sketchup renderings. Congratulations on your well deserved win! Sep 10, 2008
Where is the description of this entry? and why the model is not detailed as the images on the slideshow? Sep 11, 2008
paolo one
Simplicity and presentation. Yes, a worthy winner.Though not as pleasing visually as some of the others. A distinctive approach to the restraints. Sep 11, 2008
-- Sep 13, 2008
-- Sep 13, 2008
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