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  Taliesin (1911), Frank Lloyd Wright by Google 3D Warehouse
Wright built his home Taliesin on the hilly, rural property in Wisconsin he received from his...
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-- Jul 16, 2013
Belgrade Sim
nothing special Jun 11, 2012
-- May 2, 2012
-- Feb 14, 2012
This is a poor model of a great building. It aint enough to plaster photo images of a building over a really basic block model. The model itself has to be good in the first place. Poor modelling - a disservice to this building. Jan 12, 2012
-- Dec 27, 2011
-- Dec 13, 2011
The cantilevered balcony projects way too far, making the building look a bit cartoonish. But the fact is that Taliesin itself has been grossly overextended and it now looks like a big fat whale stranded on that hillside. The model shows this very well! The original Taliesin pre 1914 was much more graceful and should have been only sparingly extended. Naughty Frank! Finally a bit of housekeeping: Mamah Borthwick and her children were murdered in 1914 not 1925. Sep 27, 2010
-- Feb 16, 2009
Coolade Mercenary "of the" Justice '' ;..; ''
-- Jul 3, 2008
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