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  Allegheny Airlines (1956) - Martin 2-0-2 Executive by 707
Allegheny purchased several second hand 2-0-2 and 2-0-2A airliners from TWA,Northwest and...
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-- Jan 28, 2013
Check my new model Jan 28, 2013
Paradox (Guy with the harpoon)
good job! Jan 26, 2013
707 take a look at what 2001kraft said in a comment: ~~> http://prntscr.com/qdbw9 <~~ Jan 25, 2013
Very cool looking plain! And pertaining to 2001kraft, We might just go a whole new route for him. What happened to Matty is reserved for the absolute worst. If he continues to be disrespectful, then he needs to understand what it is to be without friends for a while. What I am talking about is no response to his requests, no nothin. If he gets worse at that point and if he does turn into the matty kind of Vile, Then I will have no choice but to lock him up in Chariton county along with Matty. For now, let's just withdraw for a while. That's my thought. Jan 24, 2013
I saw this plane in a TV show! Jan 24, 2013
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