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  Popular Woodworking Magazine and Woodworking Magazine projects by BobLang
This collection is a selection of projects that have appeared in Popular Woodworking Magazine, and...
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Awesome 05-Aug-2013
Typical fine work by Bob and PWM. 26-Jun-2010
-- 27-Jul-2009
Chris Schwarz
-- 27-Jul-2009
bloody good work ! 30-May-2009
Tremendous resource - thanks for all the work required to make it available in this format. 21-Jan-2009
Very nice. Thanks for contributing some useful projects 03-Dec-2008
I agree with the previous comments! Thank you very much! 24-Oct-2008
It's awesome that the Popular Woodworking staff has taken the time to create this resource for us. While other magazines try to find new ways to get money out of their readers, PopWood is creating a radically different woodworking environment with their magazines, editors blogs and expanding catalogue of editor-penned books. 23-Oct-2008
Thanks Bob. Great collection. Keep up the inspirational work. 23-Oct-2008
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