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  Santa Claus av SketchUpdate
Santa Claus in a seated position. He needs a sleigh, don't you think?
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I do use this to a model of an kayak I am wanting to build and develope. So I did use this one to send greetings to my friends 2009-Dec-21
WATS UP WITH SANTA!!!!!!!!!!! 2009-Dec-03
Matija Sever
-- 2008-Nov-30
sea king1
ok i see nothing wrong with this model but i do agree he does need a sleigh 2008-Nov-20
The Bryce Modifier™
Nice model! 2008-Jun-01
-- 2008-Jan-27
Complimenti, Good, Ottimo Modello 2008-Jan-03
Coolade Mercenary "of the" Justice '' ;..; ''
i never think, i always know. 2007-Dec-26
-- 2007-Dec-23
-- 2007-Dec-19
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