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  Guggenheim Museum and Google SketchUp Design It Shelter Competition by Design It Shelter Competition
On the occasion of the the Guggenheim Museum's 50th anniversary and the opening of the exhibition...
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Jim Wilbur
-- Sep 23, 2011
-- May 19, 2010
-- Sep 16, 2009
Several designs are violating the overall height limit.(i.e extended foundations etc. earlier entrants had to adhere and had to limit foundations. Everyone could have placed a shelter dramatically with unlimited height.) Several designs have been published more than once on the site.(i.e. Abyss) Several designs submitted by same compettitor are not "distinct" from others submitted by same competitor. Sloppyiness or corruption reflects negatively on such prestigeous names like Guggenheim and Google. Please, more sportsmanship from submitters and regulators. Sep 3, 2009
-- Aug 29, 2009
Ótima iniciativa! Instigante competição! Aug 24, 2009
reneparedes -- Doesn´t appear the menu to rate this, but it is an excellent idea!. René Paredes, from Mexico. Jul 6, 2009
-- Jun 30, 2009
-- Jun 16, 2009
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