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  TARDIS 2005 - 2008 Accurately dimensioned , tekijä: slidin_sidewayz
The big mother of all the different versions of the TARDIS since Doctor Who began, this model has...
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-- 21.6.2013
Thank you so much for doing this. I'm making a TARDIS cake for a wedding (and I'm not getting paid if it makes any difference to you:)) and this is so handy for all the little details. 12.3.2013
-- 18.1.2013
But then again... it's always bigger on the inside. XD 9.7.2011
-- 25.1.2011
Excellent. Though, I noticed a few small surfaces where I could see inside the model. 11.7.2010
Excellent model. But the light seems too big compared to the rest of the model. Can I use a modified version (smaller light) or this model for 3D animation with Blender (another 3D animation program)? 23.12.2009
(Note that this in not the same as my version which is scaled from the Airfix kit.) I would say try a wood texture but some studio versions didn't have much surface detail anyway. 17.11.2009
-- 24.2.2009
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