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  TARDIS 2005 - 2008 Accurately dimensioned por slidin_sidewayz
The big mother of all the different versions of the TARDIS since Doctor Who began, this model has...
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-- 21/Jun/2013
Thank you so much for doing this. I'm making a TARDIS cake for a wedding (and I'm not getting paid if it makes any difference to you:)) and this is so handy for all the little details. 12/Mar/2013
-- 18/Jan/2013
But then again... it's always bigger on the inside. XD 9/Jul/2011
-- 25/Jan/2011
Excellent. Though, I noticed a few small surfaces where I could see inside the model. 11/Jul/2010
Excellent model. But the light seems too big compared to the rest of the model. Can I use a modified version (smaller light) or this model for 3D animation with Blender (another 3D animation program)? 23/Dec/2009
(Note that this in not the same as my version which is scaled from the Airfix kit.) I would say try a wood texture but some studio versions didn't have much surface detail anyway. 17/Nov/2009
-- 24/Feb/2009
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