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  TARDIS 2005 - 2008 Accurately dimensioned by slidin_sidewayz
The big mother of all the different versions of the TARDIS since Doctor Who began, this model has...
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Paul H Manning
-- Apr 13, 2008
wow the best tardis i have seen. wowsers Aug 6, 2007
Thank you so much for doing this. I'm making a TARDIS cake for a wedding (and I'm not getting paid if it makes any difference to you:)) and this is so handy for all the little details. Mar 12, 2013
-- Aug 19, 2007
-- Jan 25, 2011
-- Feb 24, 2009
The description is right! Jun 21, 2007
Absolutely love it - Glad you got it finished (pretty sure I saw a half finished version ages ago by yourself) May 1, 2008
Excellent. Though, I noticed a few small surfaces where I could see inside the model. Jul 11, 2010
Excellent model. But the light seems too big compared to the rest of the model. Can I use a modified version (smaller light) or this model for 3D animation with Blender (another 3D animation program)? Dec 23, 2009
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