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  Start a Drawing, Part 1 oluşturan: Google
Self-paced tutorial illustrating the core concepts of modeling in SketchUp.
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Fabulous! I could see where I went wrong, and correct myself immediately. 27.May.2013
adsız -- there is no instructions on how to get the damn thing started 06.Apr.2013
adsız -- for those who don't find Tab2, download and open the tutorial , with eyes wide open look up, at the top of the screen there is a bar of 17 tabs 13.Mar.2013
-- 17.Dec.2012
What is the purpose of not being able to use the tutorial online? Yeah, I don't find the tabs. But also - where is the tutorial file for download? Google starts to look more and more with Microsoft with his idiosyncracies. Please improve your online tutorials! 01.Dec.2012
-- 26.Nov.2012
adsız -- For those who can't find the tabs- you have to download the tutorial file and open it in sketchup. I found video tutorials way more helpful. This doesn't really show you anything very useful. 08.Apr.2012
adsız -- Test> 19.Feb.2012
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