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  Proteus U-91035 af janitor
The Proteus is a submarine featured in the movie "Fantastic Voyage" (Twentieth Century Fox Film...
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Sketchmaster Tóth
-- 24-12-2013
-- 19-11-2013
-- 24-03-2011
nice model¡ 22-03-2011
the great unknown
I always wanted to get this model. Glad you used the minature instead of the mockup set (lower keel, not as sleek) suggest add interior. 04-09-2009
Absolutely Amazing! Always liked this design great job recreating a classic ! 02-04-2009
The Master Beef
Nice model and awesome movie! may be old, but its still great to watch! 21-01-2009
Amongst the best sci-fi vehicles in 3D Warehouse. Excellent! 06-01-2009
-- 02-01-2009
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