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  Big Ben by Artlace
This is my first model of the famous Big Ben clock tower, standing next to the palace of...
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-- Jul 14, 2007
Pri or Sangeeta
WOW!!! Very impresive. Excellent. Jun 26, 2007
Slight problem.... the model's great, but it's not Big Ben. Contrary to popular belief, Big Ben is not the tower, but the largest bell within it. The tower is merely "The Great Clock of Westminster" ;) Mar 29, 2007
wow rounds this up very well it rocks Mar 29, 2007
▪dougal mcguire fan▪
It doesn't matter if it's bad, it's Big Ben! Mar 25, 2007
-- Mar 25, 2007
José Manuel
-- Mar 25, 2007
Pas mal Mar 19, 2007
crapppy Mar 16, 2007
Its a good model but sofen the edges and make it a little more detalied with better textures. nut its pretty good Mar 13, 2007
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