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  Raymond James Stadium von Google 3D Warehouse
Home of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NCAA’s South Florida Bulls, the Raymond James...
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nice but theres no feild and the ship need to be there 04.10.2010
Smokey (Fired)
wheres the airplane???? 01.02.2009
Sam Johnson
COME ON MAN! Wheres the ship!! - I may be British, but i know how to model! 01.02.2009
Greates stadium for the greates team - GO BUCS 10.07.2008
Nice model! 12.05.2008
With all information available they should have modled the signature pirate ship and the newly painted field. 04.02.2008
no boat no float. with out the boat this stadium is just another stadium. kyle field=12 man ........RJS=boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01.01.2008
NICE..... But where's the SHIP?!?! The ship is what makes THIS stadium special! 03.12.2007
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